austin and dallas wedding photographer

We met January 29, 2009 in Austin, Texas to see some hardcore bands, and tied the knot a year and a half later on July 10, 2010.

We started photographing weddings shortly after our wedding in 2010 because we fell in love with creative story-telling.

We were drawn to each other by our love of music, video games, movies, and television.

We have a 17 pound cat named Deckard (after the movie Blade Runner).

We both photograph in our own unique way, and we love how our work individually compliments the other.

We try to avoid ordinary traditional wedding photography and photograph in a way that expresses our interest in fashion, editorial, and photojournalism photography.

Branding: We obviously wanted a logo that would fully encapsulate who we are as people as well as photographers. We decided that a fantasy illustration with a dark and romantic direction would be the best representation of our creative interests.

Favorite Things: 

Breaking Bad was our favorite television show for years until Hannibal aired and by season 2 it became one of our favorite things of all time. Other favorites are Twin Peaks, The Shield, 30 Rock.

We love Blade Runner so much we named our cat after the main character and own the special edition briefcase collectors edition. Some other favorites are Alien, Baraka, and anything by Guillermo del Toro.

Starbound became a quick obsession as we put in about 100+ hours mining and building towns on different planets. We also like games like Monster Hunter, Journey, and Goat Simulator.

Stephanie has a Sigur Ros tattoo and Bradley’s tattoo is a reference to a lyric by As Cities Burn. Some of our favorite bands are Jeremy Enigk, Wovenhand, Purity Ring, Subrosa, and Drive Like Jehu.

dallas and austin wedding photographer


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