Wedding & Boudoir Portraiture


The people in our portfolio are not professional models. They’re simply two individuals who fell in love.

These images were composed not only from skill behind the camera, but also by creating an environment where you will feel comfortable and relaxed. These two factors are all that is required for us to create works of art together that will be forever cherished.

We express our inspiration through creative portraiture influenced by fashion, editorial, and journalistic photography. Through this approach we are able to give life to your photographs in a way that will be consistent in all situations and settings. Whether it be a session or a wedding, we work with you to find what elements of our work you are most attracted to. We have found that when there is collaboration, there is also a stronger connection between the subjects and the images.

You can rest assured knowing that we will always capture the emotion of the moment: the intimacy of the first look, the I do’s, and the air of celebration on the dance floor.


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About Stephanie

I grew up in Taylor, TX just east of Austin. I have an older sister and an identical twin. When being photographed growing up I was that person who always had to make some goofy face or stand in a weird position like a scare crow. My way of fighting through awkwardness is saying bad jokes and talking too much but I'm okay with that. I have an obsession with sweets but I'm getting that under control as I approach 30. When I switched schools from 7th to 8th grade I was introduced to hardcore music and eventually started to live for music aside from my love for playing volleyball. Growing up in a small town I didn't have access to a lot of cool stuff and music truly changed my life. It eventually led me to meeting my husband Bradley (the cutie below). Bradley is the love of my life and it feels amazing getting to do our dream job together. When I'm editing I take too many breaks to go pet our kitty Deckard because he is just the cutest. Go see for yourself: @deckardthecat. I honestly just love deep coversation, chill hangs, listening to music, playing video games, and meeting new people. If you want to know more you can go view my personal instagram @steph.rogersss.

About Bradley

I was born and raised in Houston and have been traveling across the US my entire life. I graduated from the University of North Texas in 2014 and have been photographing full time with Stephanie since then. I was in a hardcore band in high school and have been in a couple other bands since. I love music, movies, and video games (feel free ask me about my favorites) but all of that combined pales in comparison to my love for Stephanie. I'm addicted to learning and spend way too much time on my computer researching as much as I can about everything.