Editorial Boudoir Portraiture

Editorial Boudoir Portraiture


Package One

90 minute session
Online gallery (50+ images)
10x10 leather layflat album
2-4 outfit changes
($3450 value)



Package Two

60 minute session
Online gallery (30 images)
8x8 linen layflat album
1-2 outfit changes
($1900 value)



Package Three

60 minute session
Online gallery (15 images)
1-2 outfit changes



Boudoir is for everyone. No matter what stage of life you’re in or what you think about your body, it’s about creating an empowering experience that not only shows you how beautiful you are but makes you believe it, too. It’s about proving to yourself that you can have that confidence and feel this amazing every day, even when you’re lounging around in your PJs. Despite the social expectations you may have experienced to look a certain way, we are here to prove to you that you are a strong, beautiful, and worthy woman.

The Best of Both Worlds
two perspectives in one unified vision

from our clients:


"I gifted my husband a boudoir book for his wedding gift but nearly seven years later, I wanted to give him something a bit fresher. I'm no longer in my mid-twenties and as a woman in her thirties, my confidence in who I am has grown. Also, let's be honest, I'm not getting any younger and these wrinkles won't reverse themselves so I figured why not do another shoot?

As soon as Stephanie began posting her newest venture, boudoir, I knew I HAD to book her even though I live almost 2,000 miles away! I adore the dark moodiness of her work and hadn't found anyone by me with the same style. So, I booked her with no reservations.

Leading up to the shoot, I was super nervous. As a photographer myself, I'm way more comfortable BEHIND the camera rather than in front of it! I wasn't entirely sure what to expect but knew to trust Stephanie in whatever she told me to do.

As someone who never even wears bikinis, you'd think there would be some issue with being practically naked in front of a stranger but nothing! Stephanie made me feel so confident and I knew she was directing me into poses specifically for my body rather than trying to force a round peg into a square hole.

Even after the shoot was complete, in the back of my mind I was already picturing my body (as I see it) in the photos but was absolutely BLOWN AWAY by what I ended up receiving! I could hardly believe those were MY legs. That was MY back. I had CURVES I didn't know existed. I looked confident, sexy, and strong.

I know it sounds cliche but seeing these images gave me an entirely new appreciation for myself. As a woman, I feel a new empowerment I never knew I had. If you're wondering if you should do a boudoir shoot, stop wondering and just book it. Embrace those nagging thoughts and body insecurities and face them head on because Stephanie will show you through her art that you are gorgeous and beautiful just the way you are."

- Whitney

"Stephanie and Bradley are seriously two of my favorite people to be photographed by. They have a very artistic eye with everything they do and it translates really well to their photography. I love that their work has a more creative approach than the traditional photography we are all so used to seeing. They both make you feel extremely comfortable about yourself and make all of your insecurities melt away when they photograph you. Anyone would be lucky to have these to gems photograph them. HIGHLY recommend a boudoir shoot with these two - you will NOT be disappointed. "

- Alyssa

"Stephanie and Bradley were a delight to work with! I had some hesitation working with a husband and wife team, similar to how a lot of photographers won't do couple boudoir photography, but it was completely misplaced. Stephanie and Bradley are professional, encouraging and talented. The air bnb where we had our session was so adorable and the makeup artists they used was great!Sometimes boudoir is a nerve-wracking process, but they made it a breeze and they got my images back to me so quickly that I would definitely work with them again! "

- Jenny

"I recently got Boudoir photos taken by Stephanie and I could not be more happy with the results. I was nervous going into the session, but Stephanie was so professional and relaxed. We played some fun music, had a few drinks, and had so much fun together. I honestly felt so refreshed after my session with her. I was in need of a pick me up. When I received the photos, my husband and I looked through them together and I’ve never felt more beautiful. She did such an amazing job with producing such flattering, artful photos. I will treasure them forever and I know my husband will too! Don’t hesitate in hiring Bradley and Stephanie for boudoir!"

- Heather


  • Initial Contact & Consultation: When finding the right boudoir photographer for you it is important to feel a connection with the photographers personally and stylistically. Start by filling out our contact form so that we can chat. We can set up an in person consultation or skype call to go over the full process and answer any questions you have.


  • Moving Forward: Once you are ready to move forward with booking we will start by reserving a date. We require the signed contract and 50% of the total collection as a non-refundable retainer in order to reserve your date. If a session does not take place at your home it is required to have a venue booked at the time of reserving a date with us to ensure availability. Hair and Make-Up shall also be reserved


  • Prior to the Session: We will provide you with tips for your session on how to come prepared. Outfits and styling ideas will be discussed so that we can personalize the session to you.


  • During the Session: Once you arrive we will put on a playlist (yours if preferred) and get started! We have a professional and laid back approach and we will guide you through every pose and step during the session. A fun and comfortable environment is our top priority.


  • After the Session: Your edited gallery will be ready within 1-2 weeks for proofing and selecting your images based on your collection. You can purchase additional images to add into your gallery at this time if you choose to. Image selection for your album will also take place at this time to begin fulfilling your album order.

Do you use Photoshop? If so what does that look like?

We believe boudoir sessions are to celebrate who you are in this exact moment and that also means having you look like your natural self. We remove temporary blemishes (such as zits, scratches, bruises) you may have from your daily life. We do not edit stretch marks, life marks, or your body type/size (unless this is something you discuss with us personally for your images). We use light and shadows to show off your most flattering angles and assets no matter your body size or age.

What if I feel like I'm not confident enough for a boudoir session?

Instilling confidence is one of the greatest aspects of doing a boudoir session. Confidence isn't an expectation coming into the session but it's definitely something you'll leave with.

Where do you photograph your boudoir sessions?

Sessions can take place anywhere! You are welcome to use your own home, a studio space, venue, or air bnb. When using a studio space rates can range between $75-$200+. We can help you find the right space for your style if you choose to do the session outside of your home.

Will my photos be online?

Everyone you see in our portfolio has given us written consent to use their images. We only share images online when a release form is signed and do not share anything without your approval.

I've never done a boudoir session before, what can I do to prepare?

The most important thing to bring to the session is a positive attitude. The week of the session treat yourself, buy your favorite flowers or go out for a massage. Stepping away from the stress of your daily life and focusing on yourself is a great way to prepare for the shoot.

We recommend not making any drastic changes prior to the session such as changing your hair, changing your diet, or getting a spray tan a week prior to your session.

Do you provide hair and makeup?

We strongly recommend professional hair and makeup for our boudoir sessions so you can look and feel your best during the shoot. We work with Erica Gray Beauty who does wonderful beauty makeup that looks natural and perfect for boudoir.

How will I receive my images and products?

We will provide you with a password protected online gallery where you can view and download your images. You will first be shown a proofing site to select the number of images based on your selected collection. Additional digital images can be purchased and added to your gallery.

For albums, we will design and send you a preview link to approve your layout prior to ordering. We will then order and drop ship or hand deliver the album to you. Once the order is placed you'll receive the album within 2-4 weeks.

I'm ready to book, what do I need to move forward?

We require a signed contract and 50% of your selected collection as a non-refundable retainer. Once we receive both you will officially be locked in with the agreed upon date. From there we will begin the planning process!